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Introducing Account Manager Program

Let's face it – no matter how good automation services you still need to invest your time learning the system, keeping up with all updates and new features setting up your campaigns and monitoring your account.

Especially with the system like RankWyz, where possibilities are endless. We spent years developing the system that allows automating many complex, multi-step scenarios. Our members who were with us long time will confirm that flexibility was our always primary priority. The time of "one-button-for-everything" systems are long gone, SEO is complex and fast-changing, so should be the SEO automation service. 

But flexibility comes with a price – the time to set up your account, time to learn the system to make sure the best strategy selected to meet your objectives, the time required on a regular basis to monitor your campaigns and adjust them as needed.

Successful people are busy and always looking for a way to outsource nonessential low-cost activities. We were approached multiple times asking for help to find and train knowledgeable VA capable of managing and monitoring RankWyz account. Now, with her new account manager program, you should not look further. Once the program activated, we will meet for one on one conference call to discuss your needs and objectives. We will set up a project on a background, create a plan and regularly report you the progress. No more you will be spending the time we can your campaigns, but rather become a project manager, effectively spending time where it matters most.
What Account Manager will do for you

- discuss your goals and objectives
- create a project plan
- setup your projects, networks, and submissions
- configure your content buckets and link profiles
- monitor your submissions and contact you as soon as your attention required
- report you a progress on the regular basis

What Account Manager will not do

if you are an SEO re-seller and need someone working in your account all day processing orders you should not expect this to be done by Account Manager. 
Account Manage will be working with your team, helping to develop the process to follow and will be always available for consultations on the best practices in your RankWyz account

How to join the program

Dedicated Account Manager is included at no extra-cost with Pro60k and all Agency accounts. 
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What if I decide to user my own VA instead

you can downgrade your account anytime you decide you don't need a help of our Account Manager. All the work done will stay in your account and no data will be lost.

Interested to know more about the program?

ask our support, send an email to pavel@rankwyz.com for more details or join me for 30min voice call to discuss your needs.