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RankWyz Features

Account Dashboard

See right on your dashboard all your projects, posting stats and account usage metrics.
View system alerts and stay on the top of everything happening with your projects and blogs - started and completed posting, SEO metrics updates, new links found and droped, site downtime and traffic alerts, search engine ranking metrics changed, major updates with your competitors  and more

Comprehensive Site Summary

View comprehensive site dashboard with all major metrics, site screenshot, IP address, geo location, nameservers and whois information.
Get alerted when any monitored data changed so you can react accordingly without loosing your work. View historical posting stats and corresponded search engine ranking performance 
Add all your competitors and let RankWyz monitor all major metrics and compare your progress with your competitors

Backlinks Monitor

Monitor quality of your backlink profile. RankWyz daily aggregate your backlinks from all major link aggregation services (ahrefs, majestic, semrush and moz) and combines it with our backlinks we build to create most comprehensive snapshot of your linking profile. 
Quickly see a link velocity - new and lost links over time, quality of the links and configure sending all your newly discovered backlinks to be send to your RankWyz network for a backlink boost

Uptime Monitor

Don't let regular downtimes of your blogs to compromise your efforts. Enable uptime monitoring with a single click and get notified when your site is unavailable. 
Pagel oad speed is an essential SEO factor that can have massive negative impact on the ranking performance of your sites. Use historical graph of page load time and duration of site's downtimes to effectively make decision to review site performance of even moving site to a more reliable hosting

Aggregated SEO Metrics

View on one dashboard SEO metrics aggregated from variety sources - moz, ahrefs, majestic, semrush monitored and updated daily and combined with metrics summary collected by RankWyz - indexed pages, pr, alexa rank, number of ranking keywords and more 
Receive an alert when any of metrics dropped and see the progress over time to give you or your client perspective of the work completed

Advanced SEO Profile

Detailed view of your backlinks breakdown by topic and quality, quick view on anchor distribution and most popular anchors.
Adjust your action plan based on the real-time view of the seo profile and plan accordingly to effectively recover site from penalties, strengthen niche correlation of anchor profile or focus on the more targeted group of the keywords  

PBN Manager Dashboard

Centralized dashboard with aggregated important information from your PBN - updates, alerts, comments, posts and page views
Single click zoom in any area and manage your PBN blogs from one location

Remote Plugins and Themes Updates

View all available updates for your wordpress blogs - core, themes and plugins and stay up to date with all changes. Easy click ignore or remote update 

Bulk Posts and Comments Review

Don't get overwhelmed with the process of constant reviewing your comments and posts - preview and change status from our PBN manager and save time going from blog to blog

Remote WP Admin Dashboard

Single click secure login right into your wordpress right from RankWyz PBN Manager dashboard

PBN Analytics

Easiest way to view visitors, pageviews, geo location, popular content, broken pages and more for all your PBN blogs without a footprint

Automatic Backups

When you host all your blogs across multiple hosting providers the number one priority is to keep your data safe. With PBN manager your blogs will be automatically backed up daily and stored on our secured server. You can mark any backup as a snapshot to be stored indefinitely until manually deleted, download it, or restore with single click of the button right from our server

Aggregated PBN View

View all changes and pageview stats for all your PBN blogs in the network in one screen and update your blogs from one screen without a need to every PBN dashboard

Built-in Content Server

Integrated content server responsible for content syndication, extraction and building niche relevant articles for your PBNs and web2 blogs.
Use multiple content sources - syndicated relevant content, articlebuilder.net, articles extracted from news feeds, social feeds,  RSS and more.
Option to load your own content and post it as is or enhance it with relevant images, videos and injecting your links

Relevant Images and Videos

Configure your content bucket to find relevant images and video. Avoid image hotlinking by enabling automatic image downloading, re-sizing and uploading 
to shared image hosting to avoid one of the biggest auto-content footprint and broken images in your articles

Advanced Content Options

Option to automatically translate your content to over 35 languages - Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian and more
Integration with all major spinner services - TheBestSpinner, WordAI, SpinRewriter, ChimpRewriter and integrated at no cost RankWyz Rewriter
Selecting tags and categories by matching the content of the article

Visual Template Builder

Advanced content builder allows creating custom content layouts by combining various numbers of "content blocks" - images, videos, news, social, own articles, articlebuilder, rss and more. Customize every block - both content and template layout exactly up to you needs and specify link profiles and link placements. 
Build titles by selecting random or matching sentence, using title builder with close to a million saved variations and upload your own titles

Visual Link Profile Builder

Essential part of modern SEO is niche relevant and yet diversified link profile. Build your Link Profile by visually combining primary, secondary, generic keyword and setting distribution between them; enhance anchors with prefixes and suffixes and extract page titles, Build link by combining your own URLs, automatically scrape and mix in authority URLs and also use home inner pages of your RankWyz blogs if you are looking for automatic interlinking of blogs in your networks. 

Multiple Link Placements

Configure your content bucket with multiple link profiles and placements. Use Link Templates to format link snippets in the format of clickable images (banners), resource boxes, read more, etc or simply inject links in your content 

RankWyz Rewriter

Use RankWyz Rewriter If you like to prepare your content manually by hand picking synonyms to rewrite original article while keeping them perfectly readable

KontentMachine Integration

If you pefer preparing your content in extremely popular and easy to use KontentMachine you can integrate your RankWyz account with KontentMachine and automatically load hundreds of ready to use articles right into your content buckets

Post to High Authority Web2 and Social Sites

Configure and schedule your post to your private blogs; popular web2 blogs - wordpress.com, tumblr.com and dozens other high authority sites; social bookmarking sites - reddit.com, delicious.com, stumbleupon.com and dozens others and social sites - twitter.com, facebook.com, linkedin.com and others.
Post to your blogs and/or accounts, set drip feeding, repeat and stop criteria

RSS Monitors

Do you have your or your clients' sites outside of the RankWyz?
You can configure RSS monitors to discover all new pages and automatically send them for backlinking with your RankWyz blogs or bookmarking / social accounts.
Simple set-and-forget setup for e-commerce sites, press release feeds, etc to automatically trigger snowball like posts across all your blogs and accounts.

RankWyzWP Plugin

Simple Wordpress plugin that sends all your new posts URLs right to your RankWyz account to automatically start multi-tier drip fed syndication of your links to your blogs across your rankwyz blogs, bookmarking accounts and social profiles

Multi-tier Support, Submissions Chaining

Advanced submission configuration that allows every successful post to be automatically sent to lower tier submissions - web2, bookmarking and/or social. You can configure every top level post to be syndicated over lower tier networks drip fed over time or over RankWyz managed shared networks

Multi-Format Data Exports

Setup data export to extract your built URLs as file, text, xml and RSS; include page titles and exact URLs to be send to your client or use with other SEO linkbuilding tools and services

Bulk Track All Your Blogs

RankWyz implements idea of "bulk tracking" - instead of activating keywords for each of your properties you add keywords to be tracked for all blogs in the project. Appearance of the blog in the search index, even on the very low positions and even for a relevant, but less competitive keywords is an ultimate "authority metric" . Whether you have one blog or a thousand, you can add hundreds of relevant keywords and track ranking positions for all of the in bulk

Deep Position Tracking

View aggregated SERP Metrics for a project and/or a network - number of tracked keywords, number of ranking keywords and number of keywords with the blogs in top 1, top 10, top 100 and top 500. 
Track the progress for your SEO experiments - take a snapshot of your metrics and compare the changes over time 

Individual Blog Positions

View ranking positions for every blog in your network, view all ranking keywords, historical graphs and aggregated metrics - number of keywords in top 1, top 10, top 20 and top 100. 

Get notified when keyword position dropped, entered or left top lists

Network SERP Metrics

View aggregated SERP Metrics for a project and/or a network - number of tracked keywords, number of ranking keywords and number of keywords with the blogs in top 1, top 10, top 100 and top 500. 
Track the progress for your SEO experiments - take a snapshot of your metrics and compare the changes over time 

Network Auto-maintenance

Configure your networks for auto-cleanup - deleting failed or suspended accounts or moving them our to a separate network; and auto-healing - automatically copying new blogs and accounts from another network to maintain desired number over time 

Integrated Bulk Indexing

Configure your links to be sent to all major bulk indexing services - indexification.com, linklicious.me, lindexed.com, expressindexer.com and linkprocessor.com. Use built-in accounts at no extra cost (pro+ users) or use your own accounts at bulk indexing services

Integrated Link Checker

LinkVault is a built-in long term link storage and checker. Unlike transactional data urls once added to a LinkVault would never be deleted and if configure validated and checked for a links presents weekly. 
Sent urls built with RankWyz or other Link Building services and keep the stored and verified until you need them 

Support for Custom Proxies

Although RankWyz operates a huge pool of private proxies, you can upload your own (username / password based) and use them for your own posting

Dynamic Blog Groups

Create static of dynamic blog groups based on your own authority criteria - number of posts, number of indexed pages, page authority, presence in search indexes and position and more. 
Setup posting to your dynamic group, instead of every blog in the network to effectively separate "authority building" activities until blogs are ready and " link building" activities

Backlinks Boosting

Automated process "data pipe", that can be configured to automatically send newly discovered backlinks from major link aggregation and discovery services (ahrefs, majestic and others) to your rankwyz submissions to automatically create "backlinks to your backlinks".

SERP Boosting

Automated process "data pipe" that can be configured to automatically send blogs' urls to a lower tier as soon as they appear in search index.  
Once Rank Tracker finds that blog start ranking for a specific keyword system will create a mini campaign to focus on promotion this blog for that specific keyword

Title Builder

with built-in Title Builder you can create hundreds and thousands titles for your articles from seed keywords and export them in spintax or plain list format